Seclusion in religious houses undoubtedly contributes to deep mystic thought and expression. Although Erigena was not condemned by the Church, he was blamed for issuing the works of Dionysius without authority. Yet feeling, gratitude, and admiration for his opening of the gates of the mystic gardens of the trees of knowledge were so strong that, “ until the year 1583, both the French and English martyrologies celebrated him as a holy martyr.” His great work on “ The Division of Nature ” remained uncensured till the time of Honorius III., in the thirteenth century.  In Agrippa we find the same thought which is revealed to us by Dionysius, Erigena, and the older mystic writers. “ The Human Soul possesses,” he says, “ from the fact of its being of the same essence as all creation, a marvellous power. One who possesses the secret is enabled to rise as high as his imagination will carry him ; but he does that only on the condition of becoming closely united to this universal force.” There is, he says in his first book of occult philosophy, “ no regular philosophy that is not natural, mathematical, or theological. . . **Excerpt from Book


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Doctor Robert Fludd - the English Rosicrucian, Life, Writings - J B Craven 1902