Human minds seem to have almost ex- hausted their reasoning powers in producing all kinds of arguments that can be given both for and against the existence of God. For hundreds of years philosophers, scientists, and theologians among all nations have been bringing forward proofs either to show that there is such a Being as God or to deny His existence entirely. Of course most of the arguments and proofs in favor of the existence of God are convincing to those who already have some sort of belief in the Creator or some conception of the Supreme Being. If we have been brought up in an atmosphere where there prevails a belief in God as the Creator and Ruler of the universe or as an extra-mundane Being who, dwelling outside of nature, commands everything and directs the movements of theworld, then unconsciously we breathe in andimbibe that belief from our childhood, and as we grow older we accept all the arguments and evidences that we can find in support ofthis preconceived idea. If we have already a conception of God asthe First Cause, then all the inductions and inferences which maintain that idea will naturally appeal to us and we shall take them for granted. But those whose minds are notbiased or influenced by any such idea, belief,  or conception, those who are able to examine these proofs critically in the light of modern science, applying logic and reason, and those who freely investigate nature, searching for an extra- cosmic

creator and ruler of the universe, may fail to find any convincing proof, and may therefore deny the



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Divine Heritage Of Man - S Abhedananda