The Disciples of Dagon is a cult dedicated to Dagon which exists in the Hyborian Age. It consists of Deep Ones and humans whom have been transformed into fish people. In one of the possible futures that Conan of Cimmeria saw, he was the sole survivor of a wrecked ship.ABHOTH: “the gulf of slimy fission which is the mother and father of all uncleanliness”, this being is “the coeval of the oldest gods.” AFORGOMON: God of the Cycles of Time. ATLACH-NACHA: The huge spider-god. Described in “The Seven Geases” as having “a kind of face on a squat ebon body, low down amid the several-jointed legs.” BOOK OF EIBON: “...rare volume of occult lore, which is said to have come down through a series of manifold translations from a prehistoric original written in the lost language of Hyperborea. The remote fabulous original was supposed to have been the workof a great Hyperborean wizard, from whom it had taken its name. It was a collection of dark and baleful myths, of liturgies, rituals and incantations, both evil and esoteric.” (“Ubbo-Sathla”) CYKRANOSH: “The name by which Saturn was called in Mhu Thulan.” Saturn is the planet from which the god Tsathoggua came to earth in former aeons. HZIULQUOICMNZHAH: A god of Cykranosh - related to Tsathoggua.


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Disciples of Dagon