In the same way as an Occult lodge may be established in order to transmit a particular magical current over a particular period of time (perhaps determined by astrological considerations), it appears that the ‘Lovecraft Circle’ of writers provided, in the late Twenties and early Thirties, a focal point or ‘receiver’ for the elements of the Mythos. The fact that this process was largely a subconscious one, merely demonstrates that is is when the imagination is operating most strongly, and helping to block’ the rational, conscious mind, that the transmissions of ‘magical’ knowledge is likely to occur. In the words of Clark Ashton Smith (from a letter to Lovecraft): “My own standpoint is that there is absolutely no justification for literature unless it serves to release the imagination from the bonds of everyday life.” “The Devotee of Evil” (1933) presents, through the char actor Jean Averaud, Smith’s intuitive speculations concerning the nature of the ‘Power of Evil’, which he delineates in the following passage “...I do not think that the power is personal, in the sense of what we know as personality. A Satan? No. What I conceive is a sort of dark vibration, the radiation of a black sun, of a center of a malignant eons - a radiation that can penetrate like any other ray - and perhaps more deeply.’


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