I propose, then, to set forth certain facts within my own knowledge respecting one class of Psychical Phenomena—viz., Psychography, or Abnormal Writing. These facts (respecting a subject which has obtained much publicity) I set forth on my own authority, and as part of my own experience in the investigation of Psychical Phenomena. I propose, further, to record, in a convenient form for reference, certain other facts of a similar nature testified to by others. In doing so, I shall rigidly adhere to the special fact under notice, and shall eliminate all evidence that will not bear rigid scrutiny. Confining myself to this one class of phenomena, I shall avoid repetition and the needless multiplication of records. Fully conscious as I am that evidence of this nature is cumulative, I also believe that there is a point beyond which the cumulative power ceases, and I judge it best to narrow down the issue as far as possible.


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