The study of Greek and Roman Antiquities has, in common with all other philoogical studies, made great progress in Europe within the last fifty years. The earlier writers on the subject, whose works are contained in the collections of Gro- aovins and Graevius, display little historical criticism, and give no comprehensive view or living idea of the public and private life of the ancients. They were contented, for the most part, with merely collecting facts, and arranging them in some systematic form, and seemed not to have felt the want of anything more : they wrote about antiquity as if the people had never existed : they did not attempt to realize to their own minds, or to represent to those of others, the living spirit of Greek and Roman civilization. But, by the labours of modern scholars, life has been breathed into the study: men are no longer satisfied with isolated facts on separate departments of the subject, but endeavour to form some conception of antiquity as an
organic whole, and to trace the relation of one part to another.   1100+ pages


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Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities - William Smith