It is a noteworthy fact that no new philosophies, or theories, or innovations in science have ever been recognized by the rank and file of scientists, until the discoverer, as well as his discovery, had been "torn to shreds." The practice of medicine is no exception to this rule. The well-known saying that to be free from criticism one must say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing, applies as much or more to medicine than to any other line of scientific work. This state of affairs must eventually change, but "the secret of reform lies not in revolution but in evolution—in unfolding along the axis of growth." We made some discoveries that were helpful to us in diagnosis and therapeutics and we told some of our intimate colleagues about them. Little by little they induced us to teach them and their friends some of these new methods, and so the work has grown and is growing. What at first seemed impossible, has been found to be as natural as gravitation. This new work is simply utilizing some of Nature's laws as our assistants.


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Diagnosis by Means of Biodynamics - Spinal Reflexology - George Starr White, MD