Divine process of development within the sphere of the spiritual, as within that of the material—Mistakes resulting from failure in noting this—Assumption that the Jews obtained their view of Satan and the hosts of darkness from the Persians—The theol-ogy of the Zoroastrians compared with that of the Jews, withvregard to the existence and nature of God, of Satan, the workof Creation, and the Fall—Circumstances adverse to the as- sumption—The captivity in Babylonia, and not in Persia—Thevreligion of the Babylonians a gross polytheism—The captivity a period of religious purification rather than of corruption—Equal if not greater probability that the Zoroastrians borrowedvfrom the Jews, than the reverse—Subsequent intercourse at Alexandria—The collection of the Parsee Scriptures like thatvof the Hebrews cumulative, and extending through many cent-uries—Only in the later books of the Parsees is the claimedvresemblance to be found—The main question one of ontology and not of nomenclature.


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Diabolology The Person And Kingdom Of Satan 1890