The Devil is adjured not only at the coster's stall but at the dinner-table, sometimes even before the ladies have left the sterner sex to the enjoyment of nico- tine ; while the drawing-room, the ballroom, and the boudoir are not altogether innocent of the same. *'Who the Devil," *' Where the Devil," "What the Devil " have become such common expressions among Englishmen, in whatever station of life they may move, that it is but a natural sequence to conclude that the entire nation must be familiar with his Satanic Highness. With the ever recurring invocation of infernal imps, there would appear to be an endeavour to abolish the idea of evil as attributable to the Devil. That such expressions befoul the lips never occur to the unthinking devotees of such a debased cult. How eagerly is the Devil welcomed under a beautiful form or a fascinating presence, a silvery tongue or a gilded offer of assistance ; yet he is the same as would be loathed if presented to the gaze as the incarnation of filth, ugliness, wickedness, or fraud.


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Devils - J C Wall