The manuscript comprises a brief Introduction, the Sacred Books, and an Appendix. In the first, the compiler indicates the sources of his information and gives a sketch of the life of §eih *Adi, the chief saint of the Yezidis. The Sacred Books comprise Kitdb al- Jilwah (Book of Revelation), and Mashaf Res (Black Book) —so the Lord upon the Black Mountain (p. 32).Al Jilwah^ is ascribed to Seih *Adi himself, and wouldaccordingly date from the twelfth century a. d. It is divided into a brief introduction and five short chap-ters. In each, *Adi is represented as the speaker. Inthe Preface the Seih says that he existed with MelekTa'us before the creation of the world, and that he was sent by his god Ta ias to instruct the Yezidi sect in truth. In the first chapter he asserts his omnipresence and omnipotence; in the second he claims to have power to reward those who obey him and to punish those who disobey him; in the third he declares that he possesses the treasures of the earth; in the fourth he warns his followers of the doctrines of those that are without; and in the fifth he bids them keep his commandments and obey his servants, who will communicate to them his teachings.  ***Excerpt from Book


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Devil Worship & The Sacred Books & Traditions of The Yezidiz - I Joseph 1919