There have been numerous attempts to equate the philosophy of modern Satanism and the Biblical mythological Satan upon which it is based. Traditional Satanists see Satan as the true deity of all reality, a deity most immediately recognized for both its animal nature and focus on reason. Satanists seek to emulate Satan, a process that requires a personal understanding of what Satan is. We approach this by attempting to interpret the information about Satan from the past that is rational and relative to our worship. These attempts have lead to a wide variation of Satanic beliefs, from those who reject the Biblical mythology (and rightly so) to those who embrace it above all others (and rightly so). A common problem in all variations is the foundation of Judeo-Christian belief that is programmed into us by our western upbringing. This foundation taints all other belief systems we might explore, it is what we compare and contrast our new beliefs with. This leads to a certain amount of confusion about Satanism, both to those outside it and within the minds of its adherents. Do we accept what we have been taught about Satan to be true, or do we redefine Satan for ourselves?


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Devil's Bible - Lianna Satanas Diabolique