The value of Psychologic physiognomy as an exponent of the unexpressed and otherwise unknown capabilities, characteristics and powers of mentality is daily gaining in the estimation of intelligent men. The business man realizes more keenly the advantage of knowing at a glance the strongest and weakest factors in the mentality of those with whom he deals. Parents find from experience that the subtle natures of their children are hidden, except as they appear at unexpected moments and in unforeseen ways; that, much remains concealed ; that, much time and money is often wasted where a study of their children's faces would have revealed the natural trend of power and desire. Equally true is it that discord and unhappiness continually disturb marriage ties and home life, simply because the husband and wife fail to realize the fundamental characteristics of the other's nature ; fail even to sense the full force of their own intentions and impulses. Psychologic physiognomy is the only art by which all the powers of the Intellect, Affections, and the Will can be thoroughly and accurately measured.


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Descriptive Mentality by the Face and Hand