The student of the Greek and Latin classics has had his attention too frequently confined to dry details concerning the genealogies of the gods or the myths which relate their adventures and exploits—presenting the moral character of the divinities in a light in which little, to say the least, can be found for unqualified commendation ; while the Germanic and Celtic nations have failed to receive any adequate hearing. "While the author in this work does not neglect mythology, he endeavors to awaken a more lively interest in the religions of the peoples with whom he has to do. Such a work can not but give new interest to the studies of the classic student, while the general reader will be instructed and edified in its perusal. The Christian scholar also will not fail to appreciate its value. It will increase his reverence for his fathers, who walked by this uncertain but only light, while he will more and more rejoice that all other religious lights of the world have been eclipsed by the true and glorious light of the Sun of Righteousness.


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Departed Gods - The Gods of our Fathers - JN Fradenburgh