The book before you is a guide in the sense that it will escort you on a journey. The route we will be taking passes through vistas of strange beauty and across perilous chasms. It is known as the left hand path. Few have traveled this road, and fewer still have reached its final, distant destination. Unfortunately, most previously available maps of this mysterious terrain have been drafted by those who have never even stepped upon the path. Yet they'll warn you of the terrible dangers confronted along the way, suggesting that its arduous passage only leads to the darkest of dead-ends. Such faulty cartographers will caution you that the only souls to be encountered on this ill-lit thoroughfare are fools, lunatics, scoundrels, and thieves. (Indeed, there may be some truth to that last admonition, but the born adventurer will not be dissuaded so easily.) There are other maps, offered by slightly less timid souls, that bear a closer semblance to reality. However, these guides breezily point out only the most comforting tourist attractions on the sight-seeing itinerary. All dark alleys, disreputable neighborhoods, and red light districts are kept safely out of view, deemed unfit for public consumption. Such squeamishness permits the explorer only a carefully expurgated outlook. Furthermore, the specifications found on this sort of map are frequently so convoluted that the traveler doesn't know which end is up.Finally, there's the map drafted by those who declare themselves notonly as tour guides, but proudly lay claim to this left-turning way in itsentirety, hailing it as the very best place to be. However, should the unwarywayfarer consult such maps for even the simplest directions, it immediatelybecomes apparent that there's been some confusion. This mix up, it seems, isdue to a simple but enduring misappropriation of nomenclature. The area onthese maps marked so conspicuously as "the left-hand path" turns out, oncloser inspection, to be a different path altogether.


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Demons of the Flesh - Shreck