I presume there is hardly a member of this Association who has had the good fortune to be unacquainted with that distressing form of insanity, which is known under the designation Demonomania; and I am sure none who have had to encounter it in some of its intense forms, will deny that it is one of the greatest difficulties presented to our specialty. I fear that in its treatment we seldom derive much valuable aid from the quarter to which we have some right to look for it; yet we should feel most thankful for even the most trifling assistance in our arduous work. Belief in diabolic possession as an existing fact of the present day, may, I think, be said to be extinct, unless among the least educated portions of society. It is not to be expected, that a doctrine, which, less than two centuries ago, pervaded the whole of Christendom, and was preached from every pulpit, and proclaimed from every bench of justice, could utterly die out among the uncultured masses in Any very short lapse of time. I have myself met with persons, not insane, who have avowed their belief in its present existence.


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Demonomania and Witchcraft - Joseph Workman