But for authentic intelligence of it, therefore, we should have had no conception of the entity of these unembodied ones. Whether such creatures are, or are not, is a question, which the most curious and speculating might never have thought of; or which, as involving a difficulty of hopeless solution, they might have deemed it useless to entertain. In favour of the affirmative, not as a fact, but a bare probability, what can be adduced? The research of the inquisitive: fails to discover a vestige of evidence. How, in that case, could any have been inclined to countenance it? The indication, without any rational ground of preference, of a leaning on its behalf, might have been held symptomatic of mental aberration or dreaming. Here, then,  notwithstanding the attestation of the True Witness, harmony of sentiment or belief does not obtain harmony of sentiment or belief does not obtain. The beings alluded to are represented as composingtwo great classes, those who kept, and those who left, their first estate- To both, the appellation, 'Angels,' is given, though more commonly to the former. It is a term of office, and imports rather their functions than their qualities. It intimates, that they are the servants of the Eternal King, ready to do His pleasure, and whom He commissions, on errands of importance, to different provinces of His mighty empire.


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