'Of the spiritual kingdom, but a few vague and dubious notices have been granted us. Apocalypses so partial, gleams so obcure, afford no definite knowledge, only a very faint and indistinct idea, of the hostile schemes and movements or the rebellious against the provinces or ranks of the upright. But, from what is written, perhaps, we may infer - though the inference, it is admitted, partakes more of the conjectural than the certain - that the condition of mankind is, in respect of Demoniacal influcence, including both the manner and the degree of its exertion, altogether singular.' The other class, or Evil Angels, are usually deno- minated Devils : and one, who is distinguished by. ability and energy, receives the name of 'Satan,' or Adversary, by way of eminence. Consummately wicked, they are enemies to their Maker ; whom they both hate and dread, whose righteous authority they resist, and whose benevolent designs they would thwart. Rebels against the administration of the Sovereign Lord, they are also leagued in opposition to the virtuous orders of creation; the knowledge of whose happiness moves their envy, and aggravates their, misery, and whom, if it were possible, they would seduce from their loyalty, and subject to the penalties of disobedience; But, they are especially to be feared by- MAN : their inferior in faculty, and resource, as well as in experience. Antagonists, so ' excelling in strength,' so ingenious in device, and.. so practised in deception, are truly formidable; while their deadly spite, ever seeking expression, and ever ready to avail itself of opportunities, renders them the more dangerous.


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Demonolgy - Scripture Doctrine of Devils - Rev. Joseph Young