Compelled to come in contact with the demonized, the author found it a necessity to work out the principles underlying the subject. If, thereby, something is done towards unraveling history, towards bringing the spirit world out of the region of the mystic, and into the range of comprehension, of definition, the result will be a distinct advance for scholarship, and Christianity will be stronger than ever. And it is appalling to find that the larger part of the world yet welters in this misery, from which we have been delivered. The very enlightenment of civilization has hitherto barred the door to recognition, and investigation of the subject of demonism. When the Bible speaks of demon possession, shall we condone it as pardonable ignorance? Shall we be-robe, and be-auriole the past as sacred? Is science antagonizing Christianity when it studies demonomania, zoanthropia? I hope to show that, while Scripture and science may view the subject from different angles, they are both concerned with what is a matter of fact. Incredulity on the subject is not surprising. Men hesitate to believe what they have not seen. In enlightened Christian lands, demonism has been gotten rid of. When missionaries, who find themselves living in the dark ages, claim to have come in contact with demonism, the first impulse is to doubt, not their veracity, but the accuracy of their observations.


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Demonism Verified and Analyzed - Hugh W White