"Death is but a kind and welcome servant, who unlocks with noiseless hand life's flower-encircled door, to show us those we love." I find myself somewhat embarrassed in speaking on a subject which, though it is not a stranger to human hopes and aspirations, is nevertheless quite foreign to most people's habits of thinking, opposed to their educational bias, and which conflicts with popular methods of reasoning on the resurrection. I find three classes of persons who have read, and studied, and investigated the truths of this discourse. One class of minds are prepared for many spiritual things that I do not feel impressed to utter on this occasion. I am to address more especially a second class who have heard a large variety of opinions expressed concerning this subject, and are favorably inclined towards it, yet who have no practical knowledge so far as the general question of immortality is concerned, and who are, therefore, in the rudiments of spiritual education respecting the processes of Death, and scenes in the After-life. Then I find that there is in society supercilious class—I might say a super-silly class, (if this is not a dictionary word, it ought to be,) who fancy and profess that they know all—a band of intellectual finishers—persons who have an unhappy conceit in the perceptive powers—that they are thoroughly "posted." These last named persons are accustomed to the newspapers, to thegenteel Weeklies and orthodox Monthlies, and to the trans-Atlantic Quarterlies, but are not at all accustomed to think uponthe spiritual, practical, and progressive questions discussed fromthe Harmonial platform. And yet these same persons have a conceit that they cannot be further informed. Every such mind has a social center, and will exert his or her magnetic influence upon others.


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Death and the Afterlife - Summerland - Andrew Jackson Davis