EIGHT EVENING LECTURES ON THE SUMMER-LAND. Do not let the simplicity of the philosophy grow weak in your thoughts. If the spiritual body be anything, it is something; if something, it is substantial, if substantial, it occupies space; if it occupy space, then all of our revealments with reference to a 'Summer-Land!' in the bosom of Space, will be inseparable from your convictions of probability. Thus while we are crushing and "pulverizing creeds" in God's mill of Progressive Truth, we do vastly more labor to secure the "fraternization of the spiritual affections of mankind." The spiritual doctrine teaches that the inmost man is "a spirit," which flows through these nerve sensations; which easily contracts and expands these sturdy muscles; which causes the blood to throb throughout the frame; which thinks and reasons; which feels better, nobler, and purer than the forms, forces, and things about it; which teaches the intellect and the heart to recognize something higher than the fleeting circumstances to which it is harnessed, and by which it is constrained to assist in drawing theburdens of society. That is "spirit."


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Death and the After- Life - A. J. Davis