And above all Things, Let us be well satisfied, that the God with whom we have to do,is not only the Eternal God, without Beginning or End; not only the Almighty God, who doth whatsoever pleases him, and hath made all Things; not only the infinitely wise God, who ordered all things rightly and justly, and hath created nothing with a Capacity to profess his Will. But let us also consider well, and never forget, that our God is a Spirit who hath his Being from, Himself, and is All-sufficient to Himself; who as he hath created. Wherein several places of scripture are expounded, against the vulgar errors concerning witchcraft, apparitions, etc. To which is added, an appendix, containing some reflections on Mr. Boulton's answer to Dr. Hutchinson's Historical essay; entitled The possibility and reality of magick, sorcery and witchcraft demonstrated.


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Daimonologia or a Treatise of Spirits - C Delude