Cursing or hexing can help a magician heal after a particularly bad relationship/friendship, after a traumatic event. The psycho drama can help us come closer to letting go of the past. You can use curses to hex the situation or the feelings you have toward the situation person rather than directing it at a person. So there are many uses for the curse. It's not just a means to hurt another person. Truthfully I am familiar with curses. I have both cursed others and been cursed by magician ex friends. However — for as much as I know about the subject, and the fondness I have for execration magick, you'd probably be surprised to learn that I use curses quite sparingly. In my youth I may not have bided any magician's ethics and have allowed my emotions spur an unwarranted curse or two. But nowadays I'll simply bind people or send their own negativity back at them. Such methods are much less energy draining, and far less time consuming than performing curses, which take a great deal of anger and energy to perform. I save curses for those persons and situations where my loved ones or myself have truly been screwed-over or injured. In most instances, persons who deserve to be cursed curse themselves by default so I choose not to waste my time if the person in question will curse himself or herself.


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