Europe who are known in history, as well as the high caste Hindoos and the ancient Persians, all belong to the same stock ; and that the common ancestors of this Aryan or Indo-European race once dwelt together in the regions of the Upper Oxus, now under the dominion of the khan of Bokhara. The evidence upon which this cardinal fact has been established is of like kind with that which commands our belief in the ascertained truths of geology, and is in no wise inferior to it in fulness, consistency, and force of inductive detail. It is drawn from the analysis and mutual comparison of all the languages of the Indo-Europeans, in which they have uncosciously written the history of their race, just as the earth has mitten the history of the mutations which its surface has undergone, in the strata which now compose its outer crust. The Aryans of Europe are the Celts, Greeks, Latins, Germans (Teuton and Scandinavian), Letts and Slaves. The only portions of its soil not possessed by them are those occupied by the Basques, Magyars, Turks, Finns, Laps, and some TJgrian and Tatar tribes of Russia.


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Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition and Folk-lore Walter Kelly