In contemplating the various objects to which men, in their efforts to construct a natural and satisfactory religion, have rendered divine honour and worship, it is not surprising to tind that trees, flowers, and shrubs have shared largely in this adoration. While it was possible tooffer such a tribute to mere stocks and stones and the works of men's hands, the transition to trees and their floral companions would be an easy one. Most people will agree with the statement, often made, that "There are fewof the works of nature that combine so many and so varied charms and beauties as a forest ; that whether considered, generally or particularly, whether as a grand geographical feature of a country or as a collection of individual trees,, it is alike invested with beauty and with interest, and opens up to the mind *a boundless field for inquiry into the- mysterious laws of creation. But a forest is not merely an aggregate of trees, it is not merely a great embodiment of vegetable life : it is the cheerful and plleasant abode of numerous varieties of animal life, who render it more animated and picturesque, and who find there shelter, food, and happy homes." much to the beauty, that, in fact, may be said to be a necessary ingredient in the beauty of a landscape, as a tree.


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Cultus Arborum A Descriptive Account Of Phallic Tree Worship 1890