The crystal formulas and combinations in this book are the result of decades of practice. I’m sharing these easy ways to get results because I want you to get straight to the healing, without feeling confused or hesitant. Working with crystals doesn’t have to be complicated. When my business partner, Timmi, and I founded our crystal company, Energy Muse, nearly 20 years ago, I had been studying and researching ways to work with crystals for years. In all that time, I came to realize that all it takes is the simple act of connecting with a crystal to enhance your intention, which then changes your life. By combining a daily intention with a crystal practice, you can achieve major results. Crystals hold the wisdom and transformative energy of the Earth. Connecting with a crystal will deepen the bond you have with yourself and your natural state of being. You’ll feel grounded in who you are and get clear on what you want. It is from this state that you can make choices and take actions toward living your truest, fullest life.


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