Sacred tourism––traveling to sacred sites around the world––is becoming increasingly popular. More than 300,000 tourists trek to Peru’s Machu Picchu each year, and 35,000 visit Stonehenge on
the summer solstice alone. Not everyone, however, can travel to locations that may be in inhospitable places. Fortunately, you don’t need to physically travel to a site to experience its benefits. You can journey there in your imagination, using crystals to guide you. This book shows you how. The energy present at sacred sites is incredibly alive and highly responsive to interaction. It literally plugs you into the numinous: an enormous energy grid that encompasses your body and soul, the planet, and the cosmos. Once connected, this energy stays with you no matter where you go. It expands your awareness and heightens your sensitivity, providing healing and catalyzing your spirituality.


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Crystals and Sacred Sites - Judy Hall