Crystals have been used for hundreds of years for healing, and are once again coming into their own in this area. Even some traditional medical doctors are suggesting that their patients try alternatives in conjunction with their treatment. It is amazing what results can be achieved with the use of crystals. The best way to use this book is to look up the ailment and find the crystals that are listed under it. Then you can look up the crystal properties and decide which one suits the situation or use your intuition to determine which one is the correct crystal for the ailment. Either method will work just as well. Trust your intuition, but if you are unsure then check with a crystal book to help you make your decision.Crystals can be applied to ailments in a number of ways. You can carry them on you, you can lay them on the affected area, rub them over the area to be treated or make an elixir with them. Do not be afraid to experiment with the crystals and their uses. This is exactly how all the knowledge that we have today was gained. If used wisely, and if the necessary cautions are all observed, then crystals will not harm but help.


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Crystal Vibrations Ailments Guide to Crystal Healing - Colleen Simmons