There is greatness in little things. Have you experienced that? You may have when you held a crystal for the first time. Crystals not only are beautiful to look at but are fun to hold and even more exciting to tune into. I believe we become attracted to them first visually, second tactilely, and third intuitively. Your first encounter with a crystal may have been in school when the teacher showed samples of rocks and gemstones. But when was your breath first taken away by a crystal? When was the moment you knew there was more to them that just pretty colors and shapes? This book assumes that you have a general knowledge of crystals and already work with them. The basics of crystal energy, structure, and history have been left to the beginner books. There is a quick review of this information in chapter 1 in case you need a refresher. In this book we will explore deeper and more powerful healing applications for crystals in our energy work. I will share techniques that I have developed, as well as some practices that go against the mainstream or what you may have already been taught. These techniques also work well for my clients. I have honed themover the years and tossed aside processes that fell short of my desire to heal with crystals. This book is a journey into a more in-depth use of crystals and the exceptional energy they provide for healing and restoration.


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