IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE LIVE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE, they listen to her wisdom, live in tune with her cycle, honor each droplet of water, flower, and mineral—and where each step upon her belly is taken in prayer and reverence. Imagine a world where women fully awaken to the divinity and intuitive healing powers within themselves and where they remember their instinctual relationship with Mother Earth and the ancient wisdom she holds. This is awakening now on our planet—and you are part of it! Your soul called you here, Earth called you here, and the crystals called you here. As the collective consciousness continues to shift on this planet, souls are waking up to their full potential. The crystals and the crystalline energy they anchor to this planet are here to support our evolution. In fact, many new powerful stones continue to be discovered every year, and these stones are exactly aligned with the energies we need as a collective at this stage in our journey. It is no coincidence that crystals have gained popularity in the last 50 years. This ancient form of healing, turned fringe modality, has made its way into all streams of life as we have now collectively reached a level of consciousness capable of implementing these high-frequency stones.


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