There have been, many times, articles written and lectures, etc., given in disproof of the many branches of occult science, of which " Crystal Gazing " is one. It has always seemed to me unfair, and inconsistent as well, to condemn a thing which one has not exploited one's self, simply from hearsay or upon the strength of generalities wnich could not be applied to anything of a physical character as a matter of course. That which is occult or physical, i.f . belonging to the mind or inner consciousness, cannot be dogmatised upon at all; for it is evident that that which is unknown cannot be governed or contradicted by known laws. Now-a-days it would heap ridicule upon the unfortunate head of anyone who suggested, or tried to prove, that the world we live in was anything but round yet once - on a time the theories which would now make us a laughing stock were the theories which soonest obtained credence. Of all the sciences that are being investigated at the present time, there is none more ancient than Astrology. Far back into the dim vistas of the past can we trace its history in Chaldea, where the worship and study of the planetary angels formed the religion and the priests dedicated from birth to the service of their own particular ray or star, invoked the blessings of these higher influences, but only at the appropriate times, when these wise men of the East had calculated the influences to be working harmoniously so that the most beautiful vibrations must have been experienced by the assembled multitudes.


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Crystal Gazing. Astrology, Palmistry, Planchette & Spiritualism - W Goldston 190