For a long time past I have been approached by several of my Masonic friends with a suggestion that, as I had already compiled a “ Manual of the Lodge ” and a “ Book of the Chapter,” I should complete the series of monitorial works by adding one on the De- grees of the Council of Royal and Select Masters. In endeavoring to comply, to the best of my abilities, with this request, I have sought to follow the same plan which was pursued by me in the compilation of my other Monitors, and to make my book something more than a mere collection of Scriptural passages and charges to candidates. The Masonic student who is desirous of pursuing his researches into these higher arcana of the institution will therefore, I think, find in these pages some information on points of Masonic science an:l history, a knowledge of which is essentially necessary to a thorough comprehension of the moral design and symbolism of the degrees upon whose study he has entered. This, at least, has been the end that I endeavored to attain.


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Cryptic Masonry - A Manual of the Council - A G Mackey 1897