In this book you will learn how to create a magickal entity and how to use that entity to help you in life. One of the first things we must do, before we can begin, is to define wha t an entity is. For the purpose of this book, the term entity shall be defined as: a vital principle held to give life
to an immaterial essence, which has been created to have a self-contained and distinct existence with a conceptual reality, by the deliberate effort of personifying segregated thoughts and
emotions. In other words, you have the ability to create a "being," from the thoughts and emotions of your conscious mind, and by your direction this "being" will act to manifest your desires. An entity combines the essence of the desired result with tha t of the person that created the entity. Unlike some forms of magickal workings, such as the creation of a talisman, entities are aware of their environment and understand its sense of purpose.

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Creating Magickal Entities