The growth of Chaos Magic has seen a rise of interest inactively researching into Magical Combat techniques and theory. However, I am not proposing that people take out their frustrations on each other (for slights imagined and otherwise) to a deadly extent, but to propose that Magical Combat can be used as a training exercise. True instances of Magical Combat are rare indeed. In fifteen years of active magical practice I have only been attacked by other magicians three times - and in each instance, was able to do something about it. I daresay there have been more attempts, but seeing as I haven't noticed them, they've either been extremely subtle or, as is more likely, have failed utterly. To be effective in Magical Combat situations, you need to have developed the following skills:
· A fair degree of Psychic sensitivity - you have to be aware that an attack is being made on you before you can do something about it.
· A good understanding of your own Self, its demons, paranoias, and defences.
· An ability to quickly assess a situation and make the most effective response.
· A good knowledge (and skill) in a variety of Combat techniques - both defensive and offensive.
· A sense of perspective in how you deal with the situation.


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Counting Coup Magickal Combat - Phil Hine