If you were to ask someone how to describe a Witch’s house, they would probably describe a fictional and funky stone cottage set back along the edge of the woods. Perhaps they would visualize a gothic and grim mansion complete with fancy lattice ironwork and mysterious moss draped trees. They would never imagine a cosmopolitan apartment or stylish condo, a rambling farmhouse, a simple duplex, a tidy two-story, or even a ranch-style house in the ’burbs. A Witch’s home would have to be far outside of the average or mundane world, wouldn’t it? Well, yes and no. You can’t spot a Witch’s home by sight as much as you can identify it by sense. It’s not the style or structure of the building that will tip you off. It’s the feeling that resonates within you as you walk up to the front door. Witches, natural magicians, and other magick users typically make their homes into sacred and protected places for themselves and for their family and pets. You can certainly look for magickal clues but they are much more subtle than most folks would imagine. Perhaps there is a hex sign attached to the outside of the home. Is that a stone gargoyle making a hideous face at you while he guards the flower beds in the yard? Are there pots of deep red geraniums for protection on the porch arranged on either side of the front door? Look for window boxes or a hanging basket that spills over with magickal flowers and scented foliage, or silvery, celestial wind chimes that sing out on a breeze. These are enchanting clues to the natural magick that may be practiced within the home.


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Cottage Witchery Natural Magick for Hearth and Home - Ellen Dugan