CAN I REALLY BECOME A WITCH? Yes, you can find the power within you to manifest your soulmate and manipulate energy in many different ways, but before we get into that, we have to discuss the art form of magick. To some, the words “witch” or “witchcraft” conjure memories of old Halloween costumes, but an actual Witch is a person who has an intentional practice, understands the vibration of different forms of energy, and can bend said energy to do great things. Rather than flying around on a broomstick, a Witch has dedicated their life to seeing the magick in everything. They identify as a Witch by his or her own choosing, whether they come from a long lineage of witches or newly decide to become one on their own. However, you don’t have to call yourself a Witch to perform, see, or be magick. You are magick, baby. So what exactly is magick? And why the heck is it spelled with a k? Well, magick has a unique meaning for everyone. To me, it’s the connection of dreams to reality, elements to creation, and the physical to the metaphysical. Visualization, commitment, and creativity are all essential traits when it comes to performing magick. One must be able to visualize it in order to cast spells, commit to the universe to shape thoughts into reality, and create infinite possibilities for their own destiny. If you can dream it, you can be it—as long as you have the discipline to follow through. Every magick is an art form.