We are moving towards unprecedented changes, at the turn of the millenium. The accelerating speed of global change shows us that society is moving towards a climax of tension and contraction, the center of the evolutionary spiral where things are turning towards their opposites. The ability to adapt to this breathtaking process is essential to survive. These changes are not always caused by natural disasters or climatic alterations, but by the effect of centuries of the human drive for power, temporarily forming an unstable social atmosphere on the planet. This tension field is magnified by universal astrological conditions. In the modern world, many people have barely enough energy to follow the speed and direction of these changes much less have enough creative energy remaining to consider and set down their true tasks. A major part of the world population spends too much of its precious energy trying to survive. Some do this by imitating and using political and social structures that are controlled by the commerical industrial groups. In this way they are destroying the roots of their own culture. Natural rhythms are changed by obsessive striving for material goods. Superficial pleasure takes over, disconnecting people from their spiritual roots and a natural way of life.


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Cosmic Healing II - Mantak Chia