This is the major practice to connect with the earth, cosmic and universal forces. This is the way to make a connection with the North Star and the Big Dipper’s violet/red light which is one of the very powerful universal healing lights. Through this practice you learn to feel Chi and to use your mind/eye/heart power to guide the Chi flow through the primary energy routes in your body. This practice is later extended to include the arm and leg routes too; it is then called the Macrocosmic Orbit. Many people, including Chi Kung Masters, come to me and say that they have been practicing Chi Kung for years and nothing is happening. They don't feel any energy and they think that they must be performing their Chi Kung incorrectly. I tell them that they also need to do meditation. Hand movements are nothing by themselves. There are hundreds of different Chi Kung forms in China. You could spend seventy lifetimes just learning the hand movements. The practice of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation will help you to feel the Chi more easily inside, outside or around the body and in the extremities of the hands and feet.


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