Comprising of Corpus Hermeticum I-XIV, XVI-XVIII, The Perfect Sermon (Asclepius), Hermetic Excerpts from Stobæus. The writings of “Hermes Trismegistus” were one of a variety of things to emerge from the intellectual melting pot which existed across the Eastern Mediterranean in general and in particular in Alexandria from around 300 B.C.E to 300 C.E. While almost certainly written in Greek by various authors unknown, mostly in the latter half of this period, their authorship was traditionally ascribed to the syncretic figure of “Thrice-Greatest Hermes,” formed by identifying the Greek Hermes with the Egyptian Thoth, but thought to have been a human sage roughly contemporary with Moses, who invented the hieroglyphic writing system and gave the Egyptians a code of laws. This tradition continued to be believed in through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, although most of these works were lost to Western Europe through the mediæval period, known only in brief quotations or references by early Christian writers such as Augustine of Hippo.


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Corpus Hermeticam - GRS Mead