"If we were to look more closely at our dream worlds, we might discover terrain as varied and compelling as any we have known while awake. And, once honed, our night vision could reveal the architecture of futuristic cities, the voice of a friend long dead, the attics of homes we once knew and have buried out of reach of waking memory. We can control our dreams. We might glimpse the spaceships of an alien culture, smell the sweet familiar scent of ripe corn, or spend an evening listening to the pulse of drumbeats around a tribal fire. The roads of our dreamworlds run through both space and time, linking what we have imagined, illuminating the movement of our lives in a rich brocade of metaphor." This book is about a special type of dream, a dream in which you realize you are dreaming, not after you awaken and think to yourself, "Oh, that was a dream," but one in which you say to yourself while in the dream, "Oh, I'm dreaming!" These dreams are called lucid dreams and though not everyone has had one, most people can learn to have one. We'll tell you how. This book is also about why you might want to have a lucid dream. It details how lucid dreaming may enhance your psychological well-being and perhaps influence your health. It is an exploration of how lucid dreams challenge our notions of what is real and what is illusion, and about what it means, after all, to be conscious.


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