During cardiac arrest patients are clinically dead. Clinical death is defined as a period of unconsciousness caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain because either circulation or breathing or both have stopped. If no resuscitation takes place, the brain cells will suffer irreparable damage within five to ten minutes and the patient will nearly always die, even if the cardiac rhythm is reestablished later. Can research into near-death experiences give us any indication of what happens to consciousness when a person is confirmed dead? We must start by exploring answers to the question whether and how consciousness may be experienced after death. How can we surmise what happens to our consciousness when we are dead? And where do our ideas about death come from? Why would we want to learn more about death, about the meaning of being dead? What is death, what is life, and what happens when I am dead? Why are most people so afraid of death? Surely death can be a release after a difficult illness? Why do doctors often perceive the death of a patient as a failure on their part? Because the patient lost his or her life? Why are people no longer allowed to “just” die of a serious, terminal illness but instead are put on a ventilator and given artificial feeding through tubes and drips? Why do some people in the final stages of a malignant disease opt for chemotherapy, which may prolong life for a short while but certainly does not always improve the quality of their remaining life? Why is our first impulse to prolong life and delay death at all costs? Is fear of death the reason why? And does this fear stem from ignorance of what death might be? Are our ideas about death accurate at all? Is death really the end of everything?


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Consciousness Beyond Life The Science of the Near-Death Experience