The belief is that Fire and Water origins in the Aether (Akasha), void. According to this belief Fire and Water should be just a polarities separated from each other. It's true that Fire and Water negate each other upon contact, that water can extinguish the fire and fire can vaporize the water. For this not to happen, there must be something between the fire and water. For that purpose a third element spawn, Air, element which separates Fire and Water. Then a fourth element spawned, Earth, element that limits all three previous elements. This is also true, generally speaking, where there is no Fire, Water or Air on our planet, there is Earth and in Earth there is a core (Fire), there are lakes (Water) and there are also gaps filled with gas (Air). Human body is also said to be consisted of elements. That the head is of Fire (Will), chest is of Air (lungs), guts are of Water and the whole body is of Earth. Notice the same concept: head (Fire) and guts (Water) are separated by lungs (Air) and all three of elements are limited by the body (Earth).


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Condensed Magick 101 - Frater Akenu