The paradigm shift now occurring at the cutting edge of magic has many roots. The symbolic syncretism of the Golden Dawn a century ago, which fiased renaissance Hermeticism with oriental esoterics drawn from the European imperial experience, only fully flowered when Aleister Crowley added a battery of gnostic power techniques culled from diverse cultural sources. Then along came Austin Spare, who identified the basic sleight of mind techniques underlying all forms of magic, and showed us that we could treat the whole baroque symbolism of magic as entirely optional. Spare invented the Postmodernist approach to magic well before the cultural advent of Existentialism or Postmodernism. The theories of Special and General Relativity added little to esoteric theory although the idea of cultural relativism manifested in syncretic occultism long before it found general social acceptance. However, that other main pillar of twentieth century science, Quantum Physics, provides enormous support for many areas of metaphysical theory and indeed, suggests considerable scope for its extension. So far, only Chaos Magic seems to have welcomed it on board. Shortly after the launch of the Chaos Magic paradigm, Chaos Mathematics developed from Catastrophe Theory and confirmed the Chaoist hypothesis that some mechanism must exit to scale up subatomic indeterminacy into the macroscopic world of our experience.


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