The Moon presents another physical cause for predictions. It has been proved by experience that all things swell with moisture as the Moon waxes and subside as it wanes. This one thing has been the cause of very many choices and predictions in economics, farming, medicine, and navigation. Physicists consider that the reason for this influence is not yet perfectly known. Yet the virtue of the Moon is two-fold: the first is the monthly one of which I have already spoken, depending on the mutability of the face of the Moon; the second a semi-monthly one, and on that account even semi- ebb and flow of the sea, (tides) which will be dealt with below. Therefore, on any day where a New Moon is found in the calendar, the moistures, as far as these depend on the Moon, will be decreased, whereas on the day of a full Moon, the moistures will be increased. But as in the cases just now mentioned, so also at the quarters, the moistures will be powerfully stirred. This is a simple and purely astrological prediction which, if it were deduced by the individual arts, the astrologer would have exceeded the limits of his profession and he would have become agriculturist, physician, chemist, etc.


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Concerning The More Certain Fundamentals Of Astrology - Johannes Kepler