In what does success consist? Many persons desire to know how to be successful. How to win success. Before this question can be answered there must be an understanding as to what they mean by success, and what success stands for in this Book. I asked a correspondent what he meant by success, and his answer was, "I am in business, and I wish to make money from it I" Another wishes to win an office. Another to outstrip a rival. Another to succeed in her book. And here are two young ladies writing me, one wants to pass an examination in school and the other to learn to ride a bike. This is called success. But it is success without Principle. Success that leaves Life out of count. It is the success of some undertaking. This is not success. One may succeed in any and all these and similar undertakings and yet be a failure. He is a failure who finds that his body will not allow him to do what he wishes to do. He is a failure who must depend upon another to do that which is necessary to be done for the accomplishment of his plans. A successful man, though he may employ a thousand men, will feel that were it necessary he could carry out  his purpose alone. The leaner is a failure. The successful man is filled with joy. The "kingdom of God" is "the kingdom of heaven" and heaven is happiness. Therefore any condition in life which does not bring happiness is failure.


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