Necromancy, according to a dictionary definition, relates to the "pretended art of divination through communication with the dead." It is often confused in the public mind with Nigermancy, the art of divination through the ancient Egyptian method of scrying in black-colored water. Both are considered to be forms of divination, thus the suffix "mancy." Necro is the Latin word for "dead," while Niger means "black." Over the years, with an increasing disbelief in the possibilities of magic, the word "necromancy " has been applied to almost every form of divination or magical practice. Necromancy, in fact, is one of those useful magical arts, the so- called "black arts," which have unfortunately been cast aside in the modem rush for the classroom-taught tinseled truths of what is known today as modem science. In ancient times, necromancy was a specific technical field, with highly trained professional practitioners. In modem terms, one might compare a necromancer to a psychiatrist, while a magician would be comparable to a medical doctor in general practice. Like a doctor and a psychiatrist, both having received training in the arts and sciences of medicine, the psychiatrist also receives advanced training in the human mind,his or her field of specialization. The magician and necromancer have both received the same training in the art ofmagic. The necromancer also received advanced training in hisor her professional specialty, that of communicating with spirits of the dead.


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