This book has been written because of the author's personal experience in being healed from asthma and arthritis through the use of herbs. Hopefully it will be helpful to those curious about various old-fashioned natural cures obtained from herbs and plants. This information is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing, but is intended to help one cooperate with his doctor in a mutual desire to build and maintain health. In the event one uses this information without his doctor's approval, he is prescribing for himself. This is his constitutional right, but no responsibility is assumed on the part of the author, publisher or distributors of this book. It is not the purpose of this book to replace the service of a physician. This book does not promote the sale of any patent medicines, endorse the sale or consumption of any medicinal or nutritional preparations, nor guarantee the effectiveness of any recipe. The purpose of this book is to edify and enlighten the general reader, not to sell medicines or advance any claim for infallibility. The various herb recipesmentioned in this book were gleaned from herb books, ancient and modern. The reporting of how they have been historically used as remedies and treatments does not constitute any unqualified endorsement or guarantee of cure. We doubt if the use of simple home remedies could or should ever be eliminated. Nor should home remedies ever make doctors and physicians obsolete.


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Common Herbs for Common Illnesses - William R. McGrath, B.A., N.D.