And so far, it may be well to add, from these experiences occurring in the first instance to persons predisposed to accept them, we were--both of us--at their commencement utterly sceptical as to their possibility, or as to there being any basis of reality for any spiritual phenomenawhatsoever. Not that we were materialists. In neither of us had perception ever been at that low ebb. Rather were we idealists, but idealists who had yet to learn that the ideal is the real, and that the ideal world is a spiritual and personal world. They came, too--as already said-in course of a quest, not for phenomena, but for truth; and were possible only because the veil of matter interposed between the worlds of sense and of reality had already, by dint of persistent earnest seeking inwards, and by the adoption of the mode of life 1 which has always, by proficients in spiritual science, been insisted on as essential to the higher perceptions, become for us so rare and tenuous as to be readily penetrable. The period, moreover, was anterior to that of the recent impulse given to such
studies by the importation of kindred knowledges from the East. And from first to last our work was carried on in complete independence of extraneous sources and influences, such recourse as was had to books or to persons being on behalf of parallels, correspondences, and confirmations in regard to our own experiences and results.


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