Speaking of this omnipresent law of the human consciousness, a reformer of note has written: "The inspired men are few. Whence their emanation, where and how they got their power, and by what rule they haved, moved, and had their being, we know not. There is no explication to their lives. They rose from shadow and they went in mist. We see them, feel them, but we know them not. They came, God's word upon their lips ; they did their work, God's mantle about them ;and they passed away, God's holy light between the world and them, leaving behind a memory, half mortal and half myth. From the first to the last they were the creations of some special Providence, baffling the wit of man to fathom, defeating the machinations of the world, the flesh and the devil, and, their work done, passing from the scene as mysteriously as they had come upon it." So is it, and so it will ever be, while their vision and work.


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Clairvoyance, the System of Philosophy Concerning the Divinity of Clairvoyance -