Yes, there are people today who worship the Egyptian gods. More people, in fact, than most of their peers might think. Indeed, increasing numbers of people are taking up the worship of Egyptian gods and goddesses. Today there are at least sixteen different legally incorporated groups practicing some form of Egyptian Paganism, also called Kemetic religion or Kemeticism. Some of these groups are fairly well-known in the greater Pagan community and have a strong online presence. Others are more obscure and "unplugged", relying mostly upon face-to-face interaction. Some groups are stridently Afrocentric; others are open to all ethnicities. But Egyptian Paganism Kemeticism stretches beyond one single group or tradition. It constitutes an entire religious movement, one that traces its modern roots back more than a century and now claims adherents across the globe. It has varying sects and traditions, and one could even argue, fundamentalists. Increasingly, Egyptian Paganism counts another population as well: Solitaries, or as they often call themselves,"Independent Kemetics". These independent practitioners are truly theunderside of the proverbial iceberg - impossible to count and, unlike the iceberg, growing in number with each passing year.


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