Circle, Coven, Grove. There are probably as many different ways to practice magick in groups as there are groups. And as with all else in Wicca, there is no one right way—just what is right for you. Covens tend to be more formal and organized than circles and groves, but this can vary greatly from group to group. What doesn’t change is the commitment and intent that all Pagans bring to the practice of magick, and the benefits that can be derived from focused and inspired magickal work. No matter whether you are a Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Green, Celtic, or Eclectic Witch, there are two basic styles of practice: solitary and group. Many solitary practitioners practice Witchcraft entirely on their own, either by choice or because there is no group available to them. Thankfully, there are many books out there to help the solitary, on every level from beginner to advanced. Group Witches, by inclination, prefer to share their magickal lives